What are the processes involved in a rice combine harvester?

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As an important food crop, rice harvesting efficiency directly affects yield and quality.
The use of mechanized rice combine harvester can greatly improve harvesting efficiency and ensure grain quality.
With the continuous development of science and technology and people’s pursuit of agricultural production efficiency,
As a modern farm equipment, rice combine harvesters are increasingly favored by farmers.
Regarding the current agricultural machinery and equipment market, many farmer friends do not know how to choose the tools that suit them.
Here I will introduce in detail the working principle, use and purchasing tips of rice combine harvesters.

Rice combine harvester introduction

Rice combine harvester mainly consists of engine, header, thresher, conveyor and control system.
It adopts full hydraulic drive and has the characteristics of automatic operation, high efficiency, energy saving and low noise.
At the same time, it is small in size, light in weight and highly adaptable.
It can be applied to different terrains and environments such as large, medium and small paddy fields, rice fields and mountains.
Some combine harvesters are also equipped with a variety of sensors and monitoring systems.
It can monitor and adjust parameters such as harvesting speed, cutting depth and rice quality in real time.

How a harvester works

Rice combine harvester work quickly and efficiently, and can usually achieve large-area continuous mechanized operations.
It is suitable for harvesting operations in various rice-producing areas, especially for high-yield fields with high yield per mu and high density.
Using a combine harvester can avoid duplication of labor in traditional manual harvesting.
The harvesting efficiency is greatly improved and large-area rice harvesting can be completed in a very short time.

The main work process includes several steps such as harvesting, threshing, conveying and baling.
First, the rice harvester cuts the rice and sends it to the thresher for threshing.
Then, the threshed rice grains are sent to the baler through the conveyor for bundling.
Finally, the rice combine harvester that has finished all the work will place the baled straw on the field,
Waiting for collection by farmers.

Combine harvester use

Rice combine harvesters are mainly used for harvesting work in rice fields. They can help farmers cut rice efficiently and store it in collection boxes.
At the same time, the combine harvester can also be used in other aspects of rice cultivation, such as tillage and sowing in rice fields.
It can also reduce labor investment and time costs, save resources, and improve economic benefits.

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How farmers choose

When purchasing a rice combine harvester,
Farmers should consider the size of their planting area and crop characteristics to choose the appropriate cutting width.
Harvesting bin capacity should also take into account crop yield.
In addition, the transmission system, engine power, etc. are related to the durability and economy of the machine.
It is also an important factor to consider.

  1. Applicability: According to your own farmland conditions and planting needs,
    Choose the right model and specification of rice harvester.
  2. Function and performance: Understand the working principle and configuration parameters of the rice harvester, and match it with your own needs.
    Focus on key features and performance indicators such as cutting results, harvest speed and cleanliness.
  3. Brand and quality: Choose a brand with high credibility and good reputation to ensure the quality of the product and the reliability of after-sales service.
  4. Price and cost-effectiveness: comprehensively consider the price and performance indicators of the product to find a rice combine harvester with high cost-effectiveness.


Generally speaking, rice combine harvesters have high integration and excellent performance.
Procurement and use will greatly reduce farmers’ labor intensity and increase harvest yield and quality.
It is the key equipment to realize large-scale mechanization of rice planting.
If you are also considering purchasing an agricultural machinery and equipment that suits you,
You can come to our platform to learn more about harvester tools. If you have any questions about our products,
You can leave a message online to inquire about the details of the harvester.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.