Rice Processing Plant,Combination Rice Mill 100tons per day

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A rice processing plant is a production facility that specializes in extracting high-quality rice from paddy grains.
Among them, the rice mill is one of the most important equipment in the rice processing plant.

Rice milling process

Clean and remove impurities in the rice, such as stones, silt, weeds, etc.
Remove small stones from the rice.
Rice husks are removed to obtain paddy with rice kernels.
Grading according to the size of the rice.
Pack white rice into bags for easy transportation and sale.

ANON 100TPD Complete Rice Milling Machine

What are the advantages of a combined rice mill with a daily output of 100 tons?
A rice mill with a daily output of 100 tons can realize rice processing.
It is able to quickly process large volumes of rice and convert it into high-quality rice to meet market demands.
The rice mill equipment provided by our company adopts an automated production line,
It can realize all the processes of rice processing,
This operation makes the processing process more convenient and faster,
Reduced manpower input and improved production efficiency.

Our ANON platform supports small rice mill equipment, household portable rice mill, 1-200 tons per day rice mill production line, etc.

ANON 100TPD Rice Processing Plant

How about the function of the rice mill combination rice processing plant?

  • The advantages of this large rice milling machine combination are:
  • Realize production with large throughput, and the degree of automation can reach more than 95%;
  • Adopt industrial measurement and control technology to ensure stability and high efficiency;
  • Effectively realize the standardization and normalization of mass processing;
  • Realize lean management, reduce manpower and resource consumption.

Large-scale rice milling production line with a daily output of 100 tons,
It is through the precise matching of each unit,
Realize the continuous, intelligent and engineering of rice processing.
It has the advantages of high , precise control and energy saving.
It is able to process large volumes of rice quickly and produce high-quality rice to meet market demands.
This modern equipment will further promote the development of the rice processing industry,
And provide consumers with better rice products.
If you are interested in large-scale automated rice milling solutions,
Our expert team can provide detailed program planning and technical support.
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