Mini rice mill for home,What is the purpose of the mini rice mill?

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The mini rice mill is a small and lightweight rice mill that is suitable for home use.
Its main function is to process brown rice into polished rice.

The purpose of the small mini rice mill

The small rice mill adopts advanced technology and design, which can quickly break the hull and peel the rice,
And grind the rice grains into the white rice we are familiar with.
Compared with the traditional manual rice milling method, the small mini rice mill not only saves time and effort,
It can also ensure the taste and quality of rice.

ANON 6N40 Mini Automatic Rice Mill Machine

What can the use of small rice mills help us?

With the small mini rice mill, we no longer need to manually process the paddy,
Save a lot of tedious steps, greatly saving time and energy.
The rice milling process can be completed in a short time, maintaining the freshness of the rice,
The important nutrients in the rice are not lost during the milling process,
This results in healthier, better-tasting rice.

ANON 6N40 Mini Automatic Rice Mill Machine
  • ANON 6N40 150-300kg/h Mini Rice Mill
  • This rice mill use: farm and home use,
  • In addition to being used for rice milling, it is also used for grain grinding,
  • Such as rice, corn, sorghum, beans, wheat, etc.
  • Electric motor or diesel engine can be chosen.

The price of a household small rice mill is relatively close to the people, generally between a few hundred yuan and a thousand yuan.
Although the price is not high, the convenience and effect it brings are satisfactory.
This rice mill has a large power, fast rice milling speed, and can save energy at the same time.
If you need a single rice mill, small household rice mill,
Our company can provide solutions for complete sets of rice mill production lines,
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