How to choose corn combine harvester?

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Corn combine harvester is an important equipment used in agricultural machinery for harvesting corn crops.
Choosing a suitable corn combine harvester can improve harvesting efficiency and operation quality.

corn combine harvester how it works

Before we need to choose a suitable harvester, we must also understand the working principle of the combine harvester.
When the corn combine harvester is working, it will first cut off the ears of corn through the header.
The thresher separates the corn kernels from the ear either mechanically or by air.
The cleaning machine will remove the impurities in the corn kernels through the fan and the screen.
Ship to warehouse or other storage location.

ANON Mini Corn Harvester
  • ANON Mini Corn Harvester
  • The mini corn harvester is small in size and light in weight,
  • Simple operation, convenient maintenance, etc.
  • Ideal for small-scale farmers harvesting corn.
  • ANON 2 Row Corn Harvester
  • The 2-row corn harvester can harvest 2 rows of corn at a time,
  • Low maintenance cost, no frequent maintenance,
  • It can save farmers’ maintenance costs.
ANON 4 Row Corn Harvester
  • ANON 4 Row Corn Harvester
  • It can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the crops, which improves the quality of the crops.
  • Using advanced automatic control technology,
  • A harvester that can harvest 4 rows of corn at a time,
  • Reduce crop loss during harvesting.

How to choose the right harvester?

Determine the required harvester model and size according to your own farmland area.
Larger corn fields often require more powerful combines.
Select the appropriate power level.
Higher power results in more efficient harvesting, but also increases costs and energy consumption.
Corn combine harvesters are divided into various types and grades, such as self-propelled, tractor-mounted and so on.
Choose the type and grade that suit your farmland environment and operating habits.

ANON official website also provides other diversified combine harvesters, such as self-propelled, tractor-mounted, wheeled and tracked.
I believe that among the agricultural equipment provided by our platform, there will be suitable products for everyone.
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