How to choose a good lawn mower

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An efficient and reliable lawn mower will give you a convenient and comfortable mowing experience.
However, with various types of lawn mowers on the market, how should we choose?
If you also need to buy a lawn mower suitable for your home,
Then take a look at this information with ANON.

Types of lawn mowers

First of all, before purchasing, we should have a general understanding of the machine type.
What are the main types of lawn mowers on the market:
Manual push type: cheap, easy to operate, suitable for small area lawns.
Electric intelligent type: low operating noise, low emission pollution, suitable for medium-sized lawns.
Gasoline model: powerful, suitable for large areas of lawn.
Riding type: suitable for large lawns.

How to buy a lawn mower

So what factors should we choose based on?
Here are some suggestions:
First, select a matching model based on the size of the lawn area to be treated.
For areas above 500 square meters, a large riding or gasoline lawn mower is required.
They are suitable for large lawns or meadows and can handle longer, denser lawns.

Generally speaking, for mini lawns less than 500 square meters, you can choose a push lawn mower.
This type requires human power and is suitable for small lawns or gardens.
They are generally less expensive and simple to operate, but require more physical effort and patience.

For home garden-type terrain of about 200 square meters, ANON recommends the use of smart lawn mowers.
For example, remote control electronic and robot lawn mower, etc.
Electric lawn mowers are powered by electricity and do not require oil or fuel.
They are easy to operate and require less effort than manual pushing.This model is a great choice for small to medium-sized lawns or gardens.

To sum up, when choosing a lawn mower that suits you, you need to consider the size of your lawn,
Factors such as functional requirements, budget range, user reviews, and security performance.
If you need to know more about our products, you can consult the ANON professional team.
I believe we will give you a satisfactory solution.