How much does a combine harvester weigh?

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The weight of combine harvesters varies according to different models and configurations, so how much does your combine harvester weigh? If agricultural users also need to choose a suitable agricultural machinery and equipment, but do not know how to choose, you can come to our ANON official website to learn more about grain machinery and agricultural machinery products. I believe that the machinery and equipment provided by our company can meet your needs for harvesting grain crops. After consulting online, we will have professional personnel to communicate with you.

Next, ANON will introduce to you in detail the weight types of conventional combine harvesters:



The weight range of a conventional combine depends on the model, size and configuration of the machine and can vary by model and make, with many different weight ranges. As technology develops and innovates, newer combines may have lighter designs to improve maneuverability and efficiency.

Small combines typically weigh between 1 and 3 tons. These machines are suitable for smaller farms and small-scale crop cultivation, and the design of the machine equipment makes it more flexible to adapt to narrow and complex terrain and working environment.

Medium-sized combines generally weigh between 3 and 6 tons. These machines are suitable for medium-scale farmland and common crop planting, with good balance and adaptability, and can meet most agricultural production needs.


Large combine harvesters usually weigh 6 to 10 tons or more. These machines are suitable for large fields and large-scale agricultural production with higher production capacity and efficiency. Due to its larger size and weight, a more powerful powertrain and a more stable chassis are required.


ANON High Quality Grade Peanut Harvester

Machine Type:Combine harvester;Weight:2750KG


The machine integrates all peanut harvesting functions, such as lifting up the seedlings, digging the peanut soil,pulling the seedlings, clamping and conveying, shaking the soil, picking peanuts, swivel screening, fan cleaning, rollerchain cleaning, and collection. The process is smooth, the operation efficiency is high, and the ground leakage ofpeanuts is less.