How does a peanut picker work?How do farmers harvest peanuts?

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The traditional method of harvesting peanuts is manual picking, which is labor-intensive and inefficient.
In recent years, the popularity of peanut picker machines has greatly the efficiency and quality of peanut harvesting.
So what machinery do agricultural friends use to harvest peanuts?

What is a peanut picker

First of all, everyone needs to understand that the peanut picker is a kind of equipment specially used to automatically pick peanuts.
Through a series of working principles and components, it realizes the fast and picking of peanuts.
It is used to dig out the buried peanuts from the soil and separate the peanuts from the fruit vines.
The structure of the peanut picking machine mainly includes a frame, a power unit, an device, a separating device, etc.

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I no longer have to bend over to pick, just concentrate on driving the equipment.
Peanuts are picked cleaner with less impurities.
In addition to wheel harvesters, our platform also supports crawler peanut picker,
According to the crop area, I can choose the appropriate peanut.
With them, my peanut harvest is plentiful and my days are happier.

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How Farmers Harvest Peanuts

In actual production, farmers use mechanical tools to harvest peanuts.
In addition to peanut pickers, there are also peanut diggers and peanut tractors.
If you need to use tractors and together, our platform can also provide such equipment.

The popularity of peanut picking machines has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of peanut harvesting,
Reduced the labor burden of farmers.
When farmers harvest peanuts, they can choose appropriate harvesting methods and mechanical tools according to their actual conditions.
Improve harvesting efficiency and effectiveness.