How does a disc mower work?

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Disc mower work by cutting the grass on the lawn by rotating the disc blades.
The blade is powered by an engine, which rotates the blade.
And cut the grass from the upper part of the lawn along the ground.

Working principle of disc lawn mower

Disc lawn mowers are popular among users for their flexibility of use.
So how does it work?
How should we use a disc lawn mower correctly?

Disc mower work are powered by gasoline engines or electric motors.
The transmission part transmits power to the cutterhead part,
The cutterhead part cuts weeds with high-speed rotating blades.
When the blade rotates at high speed, it cuts the weeds by inertia.
Quickly cut the grass on the ground.
Users only need to push the machine slowly on the lawn to mow the lawn.

Disc mower work are suitable for a variety of lawn types and sizes and can be used with a tractor.
Pay attention to your field of vision when using it to ensure that you do not encounter obstacles.
And control the traveling speed, not too fast, to ensure that the cutting is in place.
After completing the operation, clean the grass clippings on the fuselage in time.

Lawn mower maintenance

Disc mower work, you should pay attention to the following maintenance points:
Clean the machine regularly and keep it clean.
Check the blades regularly and replace severely worn blades promptly.
Maintain the machine regularly to extend the service life of the machine.