How does a corn combine harvester separate corn?

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As an efficient agricultural machinery equipment, corn combine harvester,
It is widely used in harvesting work in corn fields.
It can effectively separate corn from chaff and remove corn kernels from chaff.
So, how is corn separated by a combine?

Corn combine harvester separation steps

The process of separating corn from chaff
Corn combine harvesters separate corn from chaff through a series of precisely designed components and mechanical devices.
First, when the enters the corn field, powerful cutters will cut the corn stems and leaves so that the corn ears can enter the inside of the harvester.
Next, the corn ears are guided to the separation section through belts or feed rollers.
The part usually consists of concave plates, convex plates and screens.
The movement of the concave and convex plates creates friction that separates the corn ears from the chaff.

ANON corn harvester machine

The separation of corn by corn combine is mainly divided into the following three steps:
picking ears
During the picking process, the ear picker of the corn combine picks the corn plants from the ground.
And separate the corn ears from the straw.
There are many types of ear pickers, the common ones include ear pickers, parallel ear pickers, etc.
Threshing is the process of the corn kernels from the bracts, husks, etc. on the corn ears.
The thresher of the corn combine harvester uses the principles of centrifugal force, impact force or extrusion force to complete.
clear selection
Cleaning is the process of separating corn kernels from chaff, impurities, etc.
The cleaning device of the corn combine harvester uses wind power, screen and other principles to complete the cleaning.

How to remove corn kernels

After going through the above of corn combine harvester separating corn,
Many farmer friends also want to know how to remove corn kernels with a combine harvester?
ANON will explain this process in detail below.

The cleaning device of the combine can separate corn kernels from chaff, etc.
But chaff and can get mixed in with the corn kernels.
These devices are mainly of screens, fans, guide plates, etc.
The screen can separate corn kernels from chaff, impurities and other mixtures.
The fan blows away the chaff in the mixture of corn kernels, chaff, impurities, etc.
The guide plate can divert the separated materials such as corn kernels, chaff, and impurities.


When harvesting with a combine , you need to pay attention to the following:
There are many types of combine , and you need to choose a based on factors such as corn planting area and corn variety.
Do a good job of machine maintenance before using the corn combine harvester to ensure safety and efficiency.
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