How does a combine harvester harvest wheat?

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Wheat combine harvester is a kind of agricultural machinery and equipment specially used to harvest wheat.
During the wheat ripening season, farmers usually use wheat combine harvesters for harvesting operations.
This kind of machine can complete tasks such as harvesting, threshing and baling, greatly improving harvesting efficiency.
The emergence of wheat combine harvesters has made wheat harvesting more efficient and convenient.

What is a wheat combine harvester

The working principle of the wheat combine harvester is to complete the entire harvesting process at one time.
Including cutting, mowing and threshing steps.
First, the combine harvester cuts the wheat plants with knives, causing them to fall to the ground.
The harvester then uses cutting and threshing tools to separate the wheat grains from the stalks and collect them into containers.
The entire process is automated, requiring only one operator to control the operation of the harvester.
The harvester is mainly composed of a walking system, a power system, a conveying system, a threshing system, a cleaning system, and a grain unloading system.

How a combine harvester works

The harvesting steps of a wheat combine harvester can be divided into the following stages.
First, the operator drives the combine harvester into the field.
Harvesting tools then go to work cutting the wheat plants down to the ground.
Next, the threshing equipment starts working to separate the wheat grains and straw and collect the grains into containers.
Finally, the harvester completes the harvest and loads the grain into containers for storage or further processing.

What are the steps of a combine harvester

So, how to operate a wheat combine harvester, and what is the process of harvesting grain through agricultural machinery.
The specific harvesting workflow usually includes the following steps:
Preparation stage: Farmers need to adjust and check various parameters of the harvester to ensure its normal operation.
Harvesting stage: The machine starts moving, cutting the wheat stems and dumping them onto the harvesting head.
Threshing stage: Through centrifugal force and vibration, the machine separates the wheat grains from the ears and collects them.
Cleaning stage: The machine will remove impurities and useless substances such as straw, leaving only wheat particles.
Storage stage: Wheat grains are stored in a container for subsequent processing or sale.

How harvesters help farmers

Wheat combine harvesters are of great help to farmers.
Using a wheat combine harvester can greatly improve harvesting efficiency and reduce labor costs and labor volume.
Secondly, because the harvester can complete the harvesting work quickly and accurately,
It can reduce losses and waste during wheat harvesting and improve the overall efficiency of agricultural production.

The application of combine harvesters is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
Improve harvesting efficiency: The harvesting efficiency of the combine harvester is much higher than that of manual harvesting, and it can harvest dozens of acres of wheat per hour.
Reduce harvesting costs: Agricultural machinery and equipment can save labor costs and reduce harvesting costs.
Improve harvest quality: Combine harvesters can harvest wheat cleaner and reduce losses.
Improve farmers’ working conditions: It can reduce farmers’ labor intensity and improve farmers’ working conditions.


In summary, through automated cutting, felling and threshing steps, the harvester can complete the harvesting task efficiently. Reduce labor costs and help farmers better plan and arrange crop production.
ANON believes that with the continuous advancement of technology,
Wheat combine harvesters will play an increasingly important role in agricultural production, bringing greater profits and welfare to farmers.
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