How are onions harvested commercially?

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Onion is a common that is not only widely used in home cooking,
It is also one of the important harvests of many commercial farms.
So, do you know how onions harvested mechanically?

How are onions harvested mechanically?

The mechanical harvesting of onions is mainly divided into three steps: pre-preparation, harvesting and post-processing.
Let’s walk through each step.
In this onion harvesting fact sheet, we’ll take a closer look at the onion harvesting process.

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The first is preliminary preparation. Before onions, farmers need to choose a soil for planting, and perform tillage and application.
Onion growth requires sunshine and a humid environment, so farmers will choose the appropriate planting time and place according to the local climate conditions.
Before the onions mature, farmers also need to carry out weeding and pest control to ensure the healthy growth of the crop.

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When the onions are fully ripe, farmers can use equipment for onion harvesting.
The most commonly used mechanical harvesting tool is the onions harvested.
The machine automatically removes the onion from the soil and cuts off the roots and leaves.
The design of the harvester makes harvesting more efficient and reduces labor costs.

Finally,onions harvested by drying, usually in the sun for a period of time, to remove excess.
Farmers then sort and package the onions for sale and shipping.
For commercial farms, they may use machines to help with these tasks, such as washers, graders, and packers.

ANON still needs to remind fellow farmers,
There are many types of onion harvesters, which should be based on the onion planting area,
Soil conditions and other factors to choose the appropriate type.
Hope this article gave you a better understanding of mechanical harvesting of onions.
If you have any questions about agricultural machinery and equipment, you can come to consult our solutions, I believe it will help you.