Function of peanut combine harvester

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Peanut is an important crop widely grown.
Its harvesting process is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task for farmers.
The traditional peanut method is mainly manual harvesting.
This method has low , high cost, and large losses.
It is difficult to meet the needs of modern development.
In order to improve the and quality of peanut harvesting, peanut combine harvester came into being.
Below we will introduce the concept of peanut in detail,
Types of peanut tools and the functions of combine .

What is peanut harvesting

Peanut refers to the process of mature peanut crops,
Peanut is a mechanical equipment specially used to harvest mature peanuts.
It usually consists of engine, cutting device, system and control system.
Different models of peanut can adapt to different scales of peanut needs.

ANON Peanut combine harvester

The traditional peanut method mainly relies on manual picking, which is inefficient and labor-intensive.
Farmers dig up peanut plants , clean and them.
With the of technology, peanut came into being.
The peanut combine harvester can realize and processing of peanuts through various devices, greatly.
Agricultural harvesters adopt operation and can complete the task of peanuts in a large area in a short time.
Common peanut equipment includes cane pulling machines, cane turning machines, cane dropping machines, cleaning machines, etc.

What is the harvesting tool of peanut

The traditional way of peanuts is by hand.
Farmers harvest plant by plant using sickles or hand .
The modern way is to use a peanut combine harvester,
It can automatically complete cutting and collection,
There are different types of peanut , such as single row and double row.
The appropriate model can be according to the scale of planting.
There are many types of peanut. Common peanut include:

  1. Single-row : suitable for farmers with small peanut fields. It can quickly dig up peanut plants and clean them.
  2. Double row: suitable for medium-sized peanut fields,
    It has the characteristics of double-row installation, which improves harvesting efficiency.
  3. Large combine: suitable for large-scale planting,
    Usually used in with tractors, it has higher harvesting efficiency and adaptability.

Peanut combine harvester function

The application of peanut combine harvester has greatly the harvesting efficiency of peanuts.
It is easy to operate and can be completed by one person.
In addition, the peanuts by the combine are of good quality and reduce peanut damage during the process.
It is not only for peanuts, but also can be used for mechanized harvesting of other underground cane crops.

This type of combine plays an important role in the planting and harvesting of peanuts.
The main functions include:
Improve: The combine can dig up peanut plants quickly and continuously,
Reduce labor burden: Traditional manual harvesting requires farmers to perform a lot of physical labor.
The combine can automatically complete digging and cleaning tasks, greatly the labor burden of farmers.
Ensure that the peanut fruits are of good quality and reduce losses and waste.
Improve planting efficiency: the high efficiency and high-quality harvesting capabilities of combine harvester equipment,
It can improve farmers’ planting efficiency and increase farmers’ income.

Peanut combine harvester Summarize

In short, the and application of peanut combine harvesters has greatly changed the traditional manual method of peanuts.
Realized the and scale of peanut commercial production,
Making of peanuts possible and playing an important role in the development of the peanut industry.
At the same time, this agricultural machinery and equipment also reduces the labor burden of farmers,
It improves and is an important tool to improve agricultural production efficiency and farmers’ income.
Whether you are a small-scale farmer or a large-scale farm,
Combine harvesters are indispensable agricultural equipment.

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