60-80TPD automatic rice mill plant:how is rice processed

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With the upgrading of agricultural machinery and equipment,
The efficiency of rice processing through rice milling equipment is also getting faster and faster.
In daily life, our quality requirements for fine rice are also gradually increasing.
Automatic rice mill plant have also become important equipment in the field of modern agriculture.
Realize industrial and large-scale processing of rice through mechanized operations.
To ensure the uniformity of rice quality and efficient production capacity, we will answer the questions below.
About how rice mill equipment processes rice and what advantages it can bring us.

What is an automatic rice mill

First, let’s introduce what the automatic rice mill equipment does.
Simply put, an automatic rice mill plant uses mechanical equipment to grind rice.
A professional factory that realizes fully automated rice processing from rough processing to finishing.
Of course, the processing of crops through equipment has also achieved standardization, scale, industrialization, and automation.
This is one of the reasons why modern grain processing companies use agricultural mechanization equipment.
Not only does it improve the rice yield and quality, it also greatly reduces the company’s labor costs.
The most important thing is that it can also improve the economic benefits of our lives.

ANON automatic rice mill plant

How farmers process rice

So, how did farmers process rice before modern machinery and equipment?
The traditional rice processing process is completed manually by farmers.
Farmers first clean the impurities and chaff from the rice,
The rice is then soaked in water and steamed.
Next, farmers dry the cooked rice until the moisture in the rice is fully evaporated.
Finally, farmers use manual milling to husk the rice to obtain edible rice.
However, the processing efficiency is low and the standardization of finished products cannot be achieved.
There are problems such as high broken rice rate and mixing of impurities. This also has certain flaws.
However, the ANON platform uses advanced rice milling technology. In addition to automatic rice mill plant equipment,
We also provide rice milling equipment for families or small rice milling workshops.
Through small household rice milling, it is also possible to achieve a rice processing output of several hundred kilograms per hour.
It is a very good choice for home use or retail sales.

Rice processing process in rice mill

Next, ANON will talk with you in detail about how rice is processed through an automatic rice mill plant.
The following will take our platform 60-80 fully automatic rice milling production line equipment as an example to answer your questions.
If you need to build a rice milling processing plant, you must pay more attention to the following information:
I believe this information can also provide certain reference value for everyone building a factory.

The processing process of the automatic rice mill is mainly divided into the following steps:
Step One: Clean and Shell
The rice is first cleaned by cleaning equipment to remove impurities and foreign matter.
The rice then goes into a huller, which removes the husk and preserves the integrity of the rice.
Step 2: Grinding and screening
After shelling, the rice will enter the rice mill and undergo a process of milling and grinding.
The husk and germ are completely removed, leaving only the white rice grains.
Next, the white rice will pass through screening equipment to separate rice grains of different sizes.
Step 3: Polish and dry
To improve the appearance and quality of white rice, the rice is polished through polishing equipment to make it smoother.
The white rice then enters the drying equipment where it is dried under appropriate temperature and humidity conditions.
to ensure the stability of its storage and transportation.
Step 4: Packaging and Storage
Finally, the processed white rice is put into packaging bags, sealed and labeled.
The white rice is then stored for sale or export.

How is white rice milled

In an automatic rice mill plant, milling is a key process, which processes paddy into white rice.
This grinding process also determines the quality of the finished rice.
Specifically, the automatic rice mill mills through multiple passes,
To peel off the rice bran and rice core, exposing the internal telomeres.
Next, the white rice is milled twice and through screens of different sizes to the white rice.
Finally, after processing with polishing equipment,
The germ and impurities on the surface of white rice are completely removed, making it smoother and brighter.
Carefully designed process flow and key process parameters,
It can ensure that the rice produced by the rice mill is of stable and excellent quality and fully meets market demand.

Automatic rice mill plant summary

In short, the automatic rice mill adopts standardized, industrialized and automated processing technology.
Not only does it ensure rice quality and improve efficiency, it can also increase economic benefits for us.
Whether it is used by farmers in their personal workshops or established in rice milling processing plants,
Our can provide rice processing and rice milling equipment.
As global demand for high-quality rice continues to grow,
Automatic rice milling equipment will surely play an important role in domestic and foreign markets.
If you have any questions about our products, you can leave a message online for details.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.